1.Aligned with its goal of promoting awareness about Green Living and Livelihood, C-DRASTA conducts the ‘C-DRASTA GLL Drawing and Painting Meet and C-DRASTA GLL Photography Meet’ on the theme‘ECO-FRIENDLY WAYS OF LIVING THROUGH ADOPTION OF SUSTAINABLE HABITS IN ONE’S DAILY LIFE’during June – July 2023. Noted artist Nandini Dasgupta reviews the contributions....Read More

2. C-DRAṢṬᾹ completes Impact Assessment Study of Nanritam's Education for All Programme (IAEFA) (2023)...more

3. Centre For Development Research, Sustainability and Technical Advancement (C-DRAṢṬᾹ) received the ‘STE Humanitarian Award for NGOs’ from Save the Environment (STE) which is a Society for Research Awareness and Social Development. Dr. Rajlakshmi Mallik, President and Head, Research and Training, received this award on behalf of Team C-DRAṢṬᾹ and delivered an invited talk on ‘C-DRAṢṬᾹ’s Journey towards Green Living and Livelihood: 2015-20’ during the session on Humanitarian Award for NGOs. This was part of the Technical Session on ‘Green Technologies for Sustainable during the 2nd day of the 2 days online International Conference on Environment, Water, Agriculture, Sustainability and Health (EWASH-2020): Expanding Our Vision Post COVID-19 that was organized by Save The Environment. The conference was convened by Dr. Kshipra Misra, President, Save The Environment & Former Additional Director, DIPAS (DRDO), Delhi and was attended by many eminent scientists and dignitaries as keynote and invited speakers along with young promising researchers who made oral and poster presentations. The conference was co-organized by reputed institutions like CSIR-NEERI, Delhi Zonal Laboratory (DZL), The Royal Society of Chemistry, North India, Environment and Social Development Association (ESDA), Delhi and Hindu College, University of Delhi, Delhi. This prestigious webinar was sponsored by NABARD...Read More

4. Dr. Rajlakshmi Mallik was the key resource person for the 2nd day of the 5 day webinar on “UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH AND ITS ETHICS” organized by the Department of Geography and Department of Economics, R. B. C. Evening College. She delivered an extensive and elaborate lecture on the topic ‘Qualitative research Method’ followed by a highly interesting interactive session with the participants who mostly were young researchers and students. The entire one and a half hour session was highly enjoyed by everyone who has given positive feedback. C-DRAṢṬĀ is happy to share the link of this webinar:

5. C-DRAṢṬᾹ is happy to announce the book launch of ‘Intersections of Green Tourism and Organic Mission’ by the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Sri. Ganga Prasad Chaurasia during Republic Day Celebrations 2019 with Foreword by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim, Sri. Pawan Chamling. Read More

6.  C-DRAṢṬᾹ is happy to announce the completion of Phase 1 of its flagship project on Sikkim’s Green Vision: Strategies and Capacity Building funded by Dept. of Information and Public Relations, Govt. of Sikkim, with Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology as collaborating institution. Read More

7. C-DRAṢṬᾹ invites papers for the Young Researchers’ Column to foster the spirit of independent thinking and research in young academic minds...Read More

8. C-DRAṢṬᾹ invites original research based technical papers, articles, case studies for its Journal, DRASTA-AVALOKAN, on topics of current concern in the areas of corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic viability...Read More

9. C-DRAṢṬᾹ invites application from students and individual researchers for Research Grants for pilot studies...Read More

10. C-DRAṢṬᾹ is looking for interest from government departments, CSR departments of corporate houses and researchers for development research consultancy in MSME, Women Empowerment, Education, Financial Inclusion, Sustainable Development and Quality of Life...Read More

11. C-DRAṢṬᾹ invites NGOs, CSR wings of corporate houses, public policy makers in government departments and researchers to participate in Competency Enhancing Workshops (CEW) on Research Methods and its Applications in Social and Environmental Sciences...Read More

12. C-DRAṢṬᾹ is happy to announce its Thrust Area Programme- Designing and Conducting an Evaluation Study for a Socio-economic Development Programme under CSR: Formative and Outcome Evaluation...Read More



The Centre for Development Research, Sustainability and Technical Advancement (C-DRAṢṬᾹ) is a non-profit and autonomous institution dedicated to actionable development policy research, training and awareness generation, with a multidisciplinary approach. It aims to understand and advance knowledge about the systems and processes spanning Society, Economy and Environment (SEE), by harnessing the power of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Centre is funded by grants from individuals and other institutional sources.


Observe, Reason, Empower (ORE) are the primary focus of C-DRAṢṬᾹ. For socio-economic development research to be effective researchers must Observe based on empirical evidence, use Reason to explain how their observations explain reality, and Empower policy makers and study subjects by disseminating study results widely, C-DRAṢṬᾹ aims to accomplish its mission by:

  • Undertaking research and training to provide intellectual inputs and create capability for informed policy-making
  • Providing a platform for deliberation and dissemination of research findings and exchange of ideas between government and non-governmental actors.
  • Using findings from rigorous evaluation to empower study subjects with an understanding of how to achieve their potential


In order to understand how the society, economy and environment (SEE) intersect and interact, the underlying research themes at C-DRAṢṬᾹ span variety of issues and development dilemmas from three domains and as well as about the overlap. Accordingly, social responsibility, economic viability and environmental sustainability, analyzed across expanding Read More…

Focus Group

Share your views on “Entry and Retention of Women in Higher Studies and Research in Science in IndiaRead More….
Share your views on: “How far Green Labels represent what they claim?Read More….


C-DRAṢṬᾹ (to be read as ‘C-DRASTA’) was founded in 2015 by a group of individuals from different vocations but a common commitment to research and training for sustainable economic growth and inclusive development of society. These individuals came together to form the Board of Trustees of C-DRAṢṬᾹ, and entrusted the President with the responsibility of carrying C-DRAṢṬᾹ’s work forward. ‘DRAṢṬᾹ’, which means “observer” in Sanskrit, conveyed the Trustees’ belief that the primary role of a researcher is to reason, report and disseminate based on unbiased observation.

Training & Awareness Campaign

Training at C-DRAṢṬᾹ, which is realized through Competency Enhancing Workshops (CEWs), is linked with the various stages of the research process. CEWs consist of modules that are stand-alone or collated based on a theme which may be a particular research stage or research approach. Major thrust area of the CEWs is research methodology for the design and implementation of evaluation studies and its applications to Green and Inclusive development.

Other than empowerment through training for technical advancement, C-DRAṢṬᾹ is engaged in empowering through dissemination by organizing Green Awareness Workshop (GAW) and Campaigns on themes related to ‘Green Living and Livelihood’. It involves online and face to face interactive workshops involving green talks, green quiz, green games and crossword puzzles, green connects and other interactive platforms for stakeholders across different age-groups and vocations. GAW is expected to garner public participation for successful implementation of green solutions to the for our daily living and livelihood needs.

CEWs enable participants to provide effective end-to-end solutions to various development problems while GAW is designed to help in actualization of research outcomes.

Read More…





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